After cutting in (painting the back sides) the S6 fenders and hood were fitted to the car (I'll have pics of that soon) we moved on the paint booth. The fenders and hood both went on without a hitch. They of course required the normal body shop coaxing though. By the way, if you thought S4 and S6 fenders were the same....think again. There are differences in three areas (blinkers opening, body molding, and the width of the arm under the blinker that leads into the lower headlight trim peice. Note how the exhaust pipes stick out now. I was starting to get an idea of how this would look and I was getting pretty excited about it. We did a final wipe down and started spraying. (I also have pics of the car with the different coats that I'll be posting soon.) As you can see it turned out really well.. At the end the car had 3 coats of base, 4 coats of pearl, and 3 coats of clear. I actually had some trash get in the hood so I'm going back for a repaint. Oh well........ Anyway you can really get a good idea of how the car will look when I'm finished.