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My first S4, a '92. A few shots of my New Years Eve accident. The only way to usher in the New Year...wreck your S all by yourself. I was trying to figure out if 4x0=0....yep!. It was raining and I decided that I would take a sharp left hander at 70mph. The back end started getting loose and I lifted. Combined with a little countersteer I managed to bring the back end around straight again. Unfortunately it kept on coming all the way around. Next thing a know I'm spinning. The left side wheels struck the curb, threw the car up off the ground, and landed facing the direction I just coming from. These pictures were taken on the scene and at the body shop. I bent the uni-body so bad the ski sack hole was diamond shaped. Crushed the transmission tunnel and broke a brake rotor in half too. I learned my lesson.....never lift in a quattro!

My S4 beside the Joest Racing semi. It just showed up one day....I snuck in and made my girlfriend (talking on cellphone) get out for this shot. Overcast day made the pic look fuzzy.

My S4 at the 2000 Roebling Road Quattro Club event. Only got to drive it for about an hour before the accident in turn 3. I'll have more on the accident later.

MTM's S8 Biturbo (sorry no click to enlarge)