The Bolero 17x8 wheel was used by Audi in the european market as the sport option wheel on the late S4 and S6. I decided to do an FAQ page to clear up some of the mystery surrounding the Bolero wheels for the UrS, some of the confusion is due to a simular wheel being offered recently for the A4. See Below.

Question: Where do I get them?

Answer: They are available through any US dealer now. I don't know why they are available through the US dealers as these wheels were never offered on any US car.

Question: What is the Part Number?

Answer: The UrS Bolero Part Number is 4A0 601 025 M

Question: What is the offset?

Answer: The offset is 40mm. NOT 35mm, if you get a Bolero with 35mm've bought an A4 wheel. Yes I'm sure!....I have one of the wheels in my lap. See the pic!

Question: How much do they cost?

Answer: The US dealer list is $550 USD. I can get them out of europe cheaper but by the time you pay shipping it's hardly worth the trouble.