S6 plus front grill

The part that started this entire project (really!). The factory Quattro Gmbh S6 plus blacked out grill. The old S4 grill had a chrome plated outer area and wouldn't have worked on the S6 hood anyway. I rationalized it that way. Click on the thumb for a detail.


Euro S6 tail lights

Euro tail lights consist of new outer lenses and the trunk filler panel. The trunk mounted piece is visually different. Really updates the back end. The outer lenses look like the red US version but illuminate orange as you can see below.


tailhalf.jpg (67098 bytes)taillights.jpg (86662 bytes)taillit.jpg (72857 bytes)tailquarter.jpg (76071 bytes)

Just in case I ever need a front plate and for those who do..

frontplateinsert.jpg (86243 bytes)frontplatedetail.jpg (70430 bytes)frontplatequtr.jpg (90696 bytes)